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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 13, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm grace lee. can you believe it? the u.s. women's soccer team is headed to another world cup
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final. they scored a thrilling victory a short time ago. i was watching. dennis o'donnell was, as well. he is at san francisco civic center where soccer fever has kicked up a notch hasn't it, dennis. >> reporter: it has. it always does, you know, when the world cup rolls around. there is an old saying, if you can't go to the world cup in germany, well, bring the world cup to you. and that's what happened. hundreds of fans gathered today to watch the semi finals between the u.s. and france. >> the kick and it's a goooooooaaaaal! abbey womback again! they are heading to the world cup cup finals with that one! >> reporter: they went nuts. the header in the 79th minute was the difference. the united states defeats france to advance to the world cup final on sunday. 3-1 the
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final. ii didn't know i would be doing this live shot today. i came down to watch the world cup. the community rallied around the world cup at the large screen at the civic center plaza. >> the soccer has such a spirited culture about it. we are rooting for our respective countries but again, san francisco we have people who have got roots around the world and they grew up with soccer and they grew uprooting for their teams and get to express themselves at civic center here this morning. >> reporter: okay. the action is continuing. the crowd is dwindled a little built but right now it's japan versus sweden, and sweden is ahead 1-0. the finals can be seen here if you want to be part of the action on sunday morning at about 11:30. the usa will be there. we'll find out if it's sweden or japan. >> dennis, what do you think the chances are that the u.s.
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women can actually capture the world cup this time around? >> reporter: i think it's excellent because the u.s. has had their backs against the wall several times in this world cup but if they have to face sweden, they have already lost to sweden so they have to figure out what they did wrong in that game if sweden gets to the finals on sunday. but again, if you come down here and is be part of the action, it feels like you're, you know, you're at the world cup in a small way but it's good. >> thank you, dennis o'donnell. the pants were low but now the charges are dropped. deshon marman got yanked from aest airways flight at sfo last month after refusing to pull up his saggy pants. police arrested the college football player on charges including trespassing and battery of a police officer. but today, the san mateo county district attorney said prosecutors are dropping the case. >> there's a lot of very
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serious crime out there. there's congested courts. this is not the type of case that we need to bring into the criminal courts and clog the courts with. >> yesterday, demonstrators brought their baggy pants to san francisco city hall to show their support for marman and raise the issue of race. a teen accused of killing an infant on the peninsula is due back in court in just an hour and a half from now. 3-month-old izack garcia was in a car with his parents last month when he was struck by a bullet in east palo alto. police believe 17-year-old fabian zargoza opened fire on the car mistakenly thinking they were members of a rival gang. saragosa is charged as an adult with murder. he is expected to enter a plea today in redwood city. he was a devoted husband, father and grandfather. leslie yee is the only confirmed casualty of a fishing trip tragedy that happened 10 days ago. anser hassan on today's final
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farewell from family and friends. leslie yee's youngest son carried his father's remains into church this morning. >> we'll remember him as the guy that was very witty at times, but yet showed a lot of compassion for people. >> reporter: bobby low is the wife of one of ye's friends and among many who paid their respects. the 63-year-old is the one confirmed fatality from last sunday's fatal boating accident off the coast of mexico. a violent thunderstorm capsizedded their boat tossing all passengers and crew into the search cortez. >> if anyone was going to capsize on that boat, he would have put his money on the fact that les was going to be the only one that would survive. >> reporter: he grew up in san francisco a long-time volunteer for asian-american youth programs. he retired from the "san francisco chronicle" after working there for 37 years. many former colleagues were here today. >> he was just starting to get into his retirement and enjoy
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the rest of his life, and i just couldn't believe it, not this kind of an ending for les, you know? he was a great guy. >> reporter: the memorial service is just letting out in san francisco. it will be followed by a private burial at holy cross cemetery in colma. reporting live, anser hassan, cbs 5. thank you. meanwhile, the search for the 7 fish american still missing off baja has officially ended. the u.s. coast guard and the mexican navy called off the mission yesterday after searching more than 7300 square miles in the sea of cortez over the course of nine days. checking some other bay area headlines now, pg&e is backing off initial statements. many believe they were blaming homeowners in part for the san bruno pipeline explosion. the "san francisco chronicle" says the utility amended court documents yesterday saying the company is not suggesting any of the plaintiffs are at fault.
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the original filing indicated homeowners and the third party may share the blame for that explosion that killed 8 people last year. the cause of the fire at an atherton home is under investigation. the two-alarm blaze broke out about 3 a.m. and was quickly extinguished. no one was hurt at the house on mount vernon lane. the flames appear to have started in the bed room and then spread to the attic. a victory for former 49ers quarterback joe montana at santa clara city hall. the council last night agreed to give his investment group an exclusive negotiating deal for some city-owned property near the proposed 49ers stadium. montana and his colleagues want to build an entertainment complex including a luxury hotel, restaurants and sports bar. are you hungry for lunch? if you are savvy and have a smart phone, you can eat for a buck. anne makovec is in downtown san francisco with a discount for diners. you can't get much for a dollar these days. you can really get a whole
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lunch? >> reporter: yes. this afternoon you can up until 2 p.m. the website living social has already sold 13,500 of these deals. that means their website is actually running quite slowly right now and you can see the line is moving slowly, as well. it is a scene that you can see repeated at dozen of san francisco restaurants today. >> can't beat it, a dollar for lunch today. >> reporter: as long as you're willing to put up with long lines, more than 100 restaurants in san francisco are participating in a marketing blitz offering up to 10, even $20 worth of food for a dollar. >> i bought five of the deals. so this is my second place i'm doing right now. then i'm going to a few more later. >> reporter: why are you doing this? >> i can get food for two or three days for five bucks. >> reporter: it's part of living social's rollout of instant deals another on a long list of daily deals sites trying to capitalize on the market. you need to sign up for an
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account online. >> americans are bargain hungry. this is a novelty. >> i have heard from consumers about all the groupons that they have let expire or they try them at restaurants because they are half off and frankly they would have rather gone to their regular place. consumers would be smart to think about is it really something you want? >> reporter: back out here live now at the soup shop, california -- san francisco soup company on california street. you can see the monitor they are making sure that everything is running smoothly and they will make more deals available if they can because a lot of the places this morning are sold out. grace? >> bringing back the lunch monitor. all right. love it. anne makovec live in san francisco. thank you. hold the fries and pass those carrot sticks. today at least 15,000 restaurants are rolling out new healthy menus for kids. big chains are adding vegetables and lean proteins as part of a campaign to target
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childhood obesity. the clock still ticking on capitol hill. >> the latest on the debt limit debate and how republicans are trying to defuse the talks of a disaster. and where to let fido run free. the battle in one bay area city to give dogs a place to play. and we woke up to cloudy skies this morning but there is sunshine in store especially in the inland locations but still on the cool side. when will we warm up? i'll tell you when, when we come back. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original.
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neighborhoods in india today, killing 17-people. authorities say its the worst terrorist attack in mumbai s bombings rocked three busy neighborhoods in india today killing 17 people. authorities say it is the worst terrorist attack in mumbai since militants attacked luxury
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hotels and a train station three years ago. authorities say the close timing of today's blasts show it was a highly coordinate attack. even with pressure building on capitol hill, neither side is budging on the debt debate. the gop has now proposed a backup plan. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: president obama called leading lawmakers back to the white house today hoping to break the stalemate over the nation's debt limit. it's their fourth meeting in four days. >> we haven't made best efforts yet because nobody has actually stepped up and said, on the republican side, that we're willing to do what's right for the country. >> this idea that republicans will not vote to increase the debt limit is wrong. we are going to introduce a plan that would give the president an increase in the debt limit. >> on his own... >> reporter: the senate's top republican, mitch mcconnell, is launching the long-shot proposal. since democrats won't take tax increases off the table, it
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would let the president increase the debt limit on his own and let the majority of congress off the hook. both sides know letting the u.s. default on its loans is catastrophic. the president isn't rejecting the mcconnell plan but agrees with republicans it's a last resort. after weeks of negotiations, tax increases are still the main sticking point. democrats want to close some tax loopholes that benefit wealthy americans and big corporations. but republicans argue that basically is raising taxes in a recession and that's something they won't support. lawmakers need to come up with a plan in the next two weeks so it can be passed and signed into law by august 2. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. the government actually hit the debt ceiling several weeks ago. the treasury department has been using intricate accounting maneuvers to pay the nation's bills without borrowing.
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okay. when can we put away the winter coats? kristy seifkin has the pinpoint forecast coming up. the campaign to keep people from smoking. what california has done that only one other state has ever accomplished. ,,,,,, sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools,
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but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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the city will consider location options today. dog owners and neig a dogfight over where to place a new dog park in oakland. thigh city will consider locations today. dog owners and neighbors are fighting over two spots near lake merritt. neighbors say a dog park would
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ruin the view near astro park. supporters disagree. >> this is just a good point for a community to come together. >> there is another plan to let dogs play by the old police horse stables and today parks officials will end up either choosing one plan or no dog park at all. >> there is some blue out there and some sun. some yellow too. we are slightly getting warmer to make their way to the end of the week. we are going to see the warmer temperatures on the way. but today still keeping them cool this afternoon seeing temperatures in the mid-70s in those inland spots.
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at the coast different story entirely. continuing to see gray skies and drizzle. by this evening the clouds building back in all over the bay area temperatures will be sitting in the high 40s through the low 50s and more drizzle along the coastline, good news though we are starting to see some clearing. you can see here on satellite this is pretty much covered in clouds this morning. actually starting to see a little bit of clouds breaking up and seeing some sunshine peek through. as i said before, this low that is sliding through is bringing us this unseasonably cool weather and also bringing very breezy conditions to those coastal shores and also to the bay shores. so highs for today look like this. 69 for los altos. 70 for mountain view and for milpitas. 75 the high today in morgan hill. 69 is the high in dublin. we are going to top it out at 64 in san leandro and 70 as a high in livermore. so not much variation in those temperatures. same story in the north bay. 69 for benicia. continuing to see the pattern over the next several days, but
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you do see hope in sight. you see that sun, guys, over the weekend? we are going to see warmer temperatures for the weekend. and by the beginnin of the week, the mid-80s in the inland spots. back to you. the number adults in california has fallen to just under 12%. that's the lowest% in recorded history. two years ago it was higher than 13% and all age groups men and women, california is one of only two states to hit the federal 20/20 target of under 12%. if you keep a bottle of antacids by your bed, apparently you're not alone. heartburn heart may be the new normal for us. this is a common problem, right? >> reporter: it really s the numbers of diagnosed cases are certainly on the way up. as to why, look to age, stress, awareness as well as our appetite.
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>> reporter: no one wants it. millions have it. heartburn. >> it happens anytime i have anything acidic. >> it's like a burning sensation that comes up and then i take the pepcid. >> acid reflux is a common problem. >> reporter: this gastroenterologist at saint francis memorial hospital sees a lot of cases of heartburn or acid reflux. >> about 20% of people in the western world complain of some type of reflux symptoms. >> reporter: 25 million americans suffer from symptoms on a daily basis. that's up from 15 million just 10 years ago. so what's to blame? we're older, more stressed and eat way too much. >> there's also i think a lot of -- a lot more awareness about it in the united states from advertising and from people being more involved in their own healthcare. >> reporter: for many, losing weight can help. another tip? avoiding certain foods and drinks including fried or fatty foods, chocolate and peppermint, alcohol and coffee,
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decaf, too, carbonated drinks, vinegar, tomato sauce and citrus fruits and juices. a number of over the counter and prescription medications can also help stop acid production or help the muscles that empty your stomach. the key, preventing or treating reflux. dr. haddad says chronic reflux can lead to a disorder. >> that is a precancerous condition. and it does increase one's risk of esophogeal cancer. >> reporter: not everyone with that disease will go on to develop cancer. but the incident of this cancer is on the rise. a couple of other things besides chronic reflux, obesity and smoking also play a role in that cancer. >> tough list we're talking about. this is everything we eat on the list. >> reporter: so sorry. prevent acid reflux, there you go. >> reporter: thank you. tony tantillo is up next with some delectable delights. >> he does. plus what it will cost you to own the first flying car. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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letters and packages delayed for well, today's tip of the day is going to be like every week i like to extend a tip on one of the items that we best buy. today is going to be on raspberries. why? because they are so delicate because they are in season right now and let me tell you, the sugar content is high. and that's what you want to look for. when they're nice and red like that when you buy them in the container, it is very important to check that container all the way through in the bottom. make sure there is no moisture
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in that container. if there is, that's a telltale sign they are decaying. you can see because of the color how red they are with hardly any greening whatsoever. the sugar content is very high. when produce items, the sugar content gets high, they will start to decay. when you buy them, put them in the refrigerator right away and enjoy them one or two days. don't wait too long. if you leave them at room temperature or a hot day put them in the car in a grocery bag and forget them for an hour, they will melt! i'm not kidding. buy them, put them in the refrigerator and enjoy them in one or two days. never wash them before you store them but always wash them before you enjoy them. raspberries, doesn't get much better than this. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. that's your tip for the day. letters and packages delayed for delays in one bay area neighborhood and the small dog causing a big problem.
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those stories and more coming up at 5:00 today. this is every frustrated driver's dream to soar over all that traffic congestion and soon, it might be possible. the first-ever flying car has been cleared for take-off. of course, you will need a driver and a pilot's license and can only take off and land at airports. the cost? a quarter of a million dollars each. no word about luxury options. i hope so for 250 grand. >> looks like a plane. have a great day. >> caption colorado, llc
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